Tanker Port – Green Island Budapest Project 

Unique, environmental, high quality port in Budapest

The Green Island is a multifunctional and innovative service unit for the shippers, where they can refuel, take wastewater and use other necessary services. The Green Island applies an unexampled technology and it operates in the name of the environmental protection, as it uses solar cells to gain energy, and also takes over and treats some of the environment polluting wastes on the spot. 

Everything in one place 

The only European port is transferred and become operational in the Budapest section of the Danube which offers bunker service, take over the bilge water, spent oil and as additional service it provides engine-oil, shipping accessories and drinking water containers for ships of all sizes on the Danube.  This services stand as a consequent, environmental shipping trademark of the Green Island.

Budapest has outstanding shipping facilities, but the handling of the wastewater is an issue that has not been resolved yet. The Green Island Project was created in order to solve the waste problem, which according to the present age provides the ships an easy way to get rid of the bilge water, wastewater and other wastes. 

Unique on the European waves

The ship stations are typically specialized in drinking water or take over waste and bunkering. There is no other station or port where these services could be used at the same time. From now on sailors in the area of Budapest can enjoy these luxuries. The Green Island provides a complex solution: bunker services or environmental disposal of hazardous wastes. For its operation uses solar cells to gain energy and take over and treat on the spot some of the environment polluting wastes.

There is a serious necessity for the proper handling and environmental treat of the bilge water and wastewater. The Green Island gives a high-tech solution for this problem. For its help the entire Danube region’s water quality can change significantly. The Green Island staff is waiting for the ships to ensure refueling, waste disposal and other important services smooth constant in 24h hours duty shift.  

Supplied services:

  • Fuel distribution for ships of all sizes
  • Takeover of bilge water
  • Takeover of wastewater
  • Distribution of engine oil (two oil types)
  • Takeover of spent oil
  • Purchase and distribution of shipping accessories (ship cables, wear and tear spare parts)
  • Motor oil distribution
  • Hydraulic oil distribution
  • Drinking water distribution       

Keeping safe the natural heritage and wildlife of the Danube are the most important tasks of the Green Island Budapest port which is located on the right bank of the Danube at kilometre 1644+600 in Budapest. 

The project also covers the commissioning of a bunker ship providing the same services, thus complementing the activity of the complex environment protection and supply centre.